Meet the person behind Romangelica!

Hello, my name is Becca and I am the owner and creator of Romangelica! I am originally from a small rural town in Ontario, Canada but I now live in Nova Scotia, a province on the east coast of Canada. I am a recent graduate from a university Bachelor of Arts degree and am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Education in Elementary School teaching.

Earring making first became a hobby of mine in 2019, which was inspired by my own love of wearing earrings and jewelry. Growing my hobby into a business happened quickly afterwards, and within weeks, Romangelica was created.

The name, Romangelica, is a combination of my Romany heritage on my mother’s side and of my French middle name, Angelique, which represents the francophone heritage on my father’s side. The inspiration for many of my creations comes from my two ethnic backgrounds, which gives me the opportunity to express pride in my family’s heritage and to share it with others through my designs and jewelry art.

Rebecca Côté, owner and creator of Romangelica